Account Management

Our management our time is based on three key element:

Exceptional Service

Cortravco is a progressive company that continually strives to provide our clients with the most advanced travel technologies, superior supplier programs, specialized services, worldwide partnerships and pro-active travel management. No matter what happens, Cortravco has you covered. When weather, illness, political unrest or natural disaster force you to reconsider your plans, it only takes a phone call to your travel agent to get your plans back on track. Cortravco is fully staffed with expert agent ready to assist you in any way possible.

Efficient Travel Itineraries

Never waste additional time then the required to travel. Our consultants tackle strategic plans everyday to ensure both cost and time savings. Your Account Manager will help you apply relevant best practices to increase your program’s efficiency.

Maximizing Savings and Spotting New Opportunities

With a heightened understanding of travel patterns, we are constantly trying to uncover new opportunities to reduce your travel expenditures. Our annual business reviews provide in-depth analysis suggest insightful program recommendations for travel improvement.